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Ceremony of Installation and Investiture of Officers 2012

I will be regularly maintaining this blog to advise the members what I am up to and encourage comments, suggestions and discussion.  Communication will strengthen the lodge by enriching our experiences.  Success can be measured by attendance.

Thanks for making the Installation a memorable evening I was able to share with my family.  A heartfelt thanks to the IM and brethren who spent many hours planning and preparing for the evening.

Please read Bro. Secretary’s email with the “Eye on West Gate Lodge” newsletter attached.  This is a further initiative to communicate amongst the members.  I encourage your contributions and suggestions for future issues.  The email and newsletter contain a link to an online survey so you can communicate your thoughts on important issues to the officers.  The results of the survey will be distributed to the members in September.

The weekend of June 2 and 3 was a busy one for West Gate members. Congratulations to Bro. Bugley and his volunteers on a successful Masonic CHIP event at the Bread and Honey Festival on June 2.  It was well attended with 81 children being registered.  The Bread and Honey Festival beer tent was a great success with many West Gate and River Park members volunteering their time to raise money for the temple while playing an important role in a popular community event.  Our efforts certainly portray Freemasonry positively in the community.

Before the summer break I will be attending a couple of events. 
~ The first is the West Gate Education Night on Tuesday, June 19th where there will be a presentation on the Kirkwall Scroll and Masonic Symbolism.
~ The second will be Ibrox’s Installation on Friday, June 22 at the the Brampton Temple.  Please join me if you are available.

I look forward to the upcoming year.   September`s regular meeting will be “Rusty Mason Night”; the first in a series of theme nights the lodge has planned.  If you have not been out to lodge in a while this is a fantastic opportunity to become reacquainted with with all those things you learned but may have slipped away with time.  From experience I know how easy it is to miss a meeting and before you know it you haven’t been out in years.  Please make that extra effort to join us in September and see what you’ve been missing.  You won’t be disappointed! 

I would also encourage members to make calls to those you have not seen in a while to let them know they are missed and maintain contact with those you see regularly making a call or sending a message that you are looking forward to seeing them at the next meeting.