West Gate Lodge

West Gate Lodge #734 is a Masonic Lodge located in Streetsville, Mississauga, Ontario. (click for map)

established March 26, 1980


The history of a lodge is not a documented series of events but rather a series of ideas and exchange of dreams between forward looking Masons.

The formation of West Gate Lodge was no different; it was born from the heart of a group of masons who believed that the growth of our gentle craft was not only possible but necessary for Streetsville, Mississauga.

They put their hearts and their heads together, they met, they talked, they asked questions, they drew up plans, they invited input and participation and then they waited. Some dismissed the idea as a foolish dream, some thought it would be too much work and couldn’t see making such a commitment of time and effort, but those who believed would not be discouraged for the enthusiasm they shared helped their spirits rise high above any thoughts of failure.

Yes others believed in the dream, they worked tirelessly in an effort to build the lodge of tomorrow In a city where multiculturalism was a growing part of the community so too it was to become the face of the lodge including masons from many walks of life and many cultures within our society, all masons and all brothers. Listed here is a brief snippet of the history that saw the formation of this great lodge where brother has met brother; where masons have been made, where friendships have been nurtured and where memories have been born. 


While attending an installation at River Park Lodge 356 in 1977 the idea of a new Lodge was born. V. W.. Bro. Morrison along with W. Bro. Kelman of King Hiram Lodge 566, and V W. Bro. Taylor of Bedford Lodge 638 spent the next year between Toronto and Grand Lodge in Hamilton making the idea of a new lodge become a reality.

There were meetings which were failures where only two potential members showed up; and some might be discouraged. But the foundation of the lodge was not built in huge strides but rather one member at a time. This is a lesson that the founders took to heart and have tried to pass on year by year to each member of the lodge as we have grown. A lodge is a family with all of its strengths and all of its imperfections but it takes every member of the family to make us whole. The dream became a reality in when on March 26,1980 Most Worshipful Bro. Richards granted West Gate Lodge our charter 734 G.R.C.

The name of West Gate Lodge was chosen for two reasons, one because it is the most westerly Lodge in the District. Secondly there was already an East Gate, South Gate, and a North Gate Lodge. It was hoped that once West Gate Lodge was up and running that the brethren of all the Gate Lodges would exchange fraternal visits with each other.

There have been five District Deputy Grand Masters elected to represent Toronto West District. Also appointed have been a Grand Senior Warden, Grand Senior Deacon, and four Grand Stewards. Over the years West Gate has been very fortunate to have members from every walk of life who have brought to the Lodge their culture and traditions which have given us depth and unique character. At the end of the day every success or every failure is a direct reflection of each of the members who make us West Gate Lodge. It is a lucky man who can turn to the mason beside him and call him a true brother, and that is where West Gate gets its strength.

The years have passed very quickly and has left fond memories. We now look forward to the future and the creation of new memories; I invite you to join with us as we march into the future and enjoy West Gate Lodge. 


Our most important project, and our reason d’etre, is to help each other be better Husbands, Fathers, and Citizens. We say we try to “Make Good Men Better”..


Although we are not a religion, we require that our members believe in a “Supreme Being”. We say “Supreme Being because we do not mean a particular Christian, Catholic, or Jewish God, but YOUR belief in YOUR interpretation of a Supreme Being. That gives us the foundation on which to help build your character, ethics and outlook, to make YOU better than you are.

WHat we are NOT

We are NOT a church, and in fact religious discussion is forbidden in Lodge.

We are NOT a political organisation, and Political discussion is also forbidden in Lodge.

We are NOT an insurance organisation and, whilst we will help our members who find themselves in difficulties, such help is voluntary and not organised.

We are NOT a job bank. Any one who hopes to secure a job, a promotion, or a sale by flashing a Masonic ring will be severely chastised and will fail. Ethics are paramount.